Qmatic handles the customer journey at futuristic IKEA store

April 30 2021 3 min

IKEA Westbahnhof will be located in a seven-story building in Vienna’s shopping district, with green facades and a rooftop park with a total of 160 trees. This will not only keep the building cool but also improve the air quality of its surroundings. Unlike the classic “blue box” IKEA stores, a city center store will often be one stop out of many on a day downtown, and visits may be both shorter and spontaneous. Self check-out makes it easy to come and go, whether you are shopping, eating, staying at the in-house hostel(!), or just looking.

Since IKEA Westbahnhof is aimed entirely at customers arriving by foot, bike, or public transport, visitors will be able to see all sorts of IKEA products in the store, but not buy furniture or other larger products from it directly. These can be ordered and sent from a new logistic center and will be delivered within 24 hours. Orders are easily made in IKEA’s own app, but can also be made on location, and that is where Qmatic comes into the picture.

“We want to make it easy for the customer.” said Sabine Kleinhagauer, Business Developer for Customer Convenience and Services, “In the first place, they should be able to order themselves, but if they want to talk to someone, it should be easy to find a staff member.”

A customer interested in more complex orders such as a kitchen or a wardrobe system will probably want to talk to a professional and will turn to the reception on each floor, powered by Qmatic Orchestra and Concierge. A ticket – physical or mobile, sent to the customer’s cell phone – and clear notifications allows the customer to keep strolling around the exhibition, not having to wait in line.

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