Qmatic Corporation Modernizes Customer Service System for Iowa MVD Offices

January 9 2014 5 min

The deal highlights the state's goal to implement a highly versatile system integrating technological advances and innovations to optimize operational efficiencies and the customer experience.

Qmatic's state-of-the-art solution replaces the Iowa MVD's outdated take-a-ticket system in 20 branch offices across the state. Once entered into the Qmatic system, customers are tracked across virtual service queues and throughout the service process. Meanwhile, customers can sit and wait comfortably until called for service by audio announcements and LED displays, which provide efficient and direct customer information.

As a part of the new system, supervisors at MVD headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa can access productivity levels and wait times for any branch across the state in real-time, allowing them to take action and address issues immediately as needed. To alleviate longer than desired wait times, MVD supervisors can move customers to any queue as needed in any branch, at any time. MVD field agents also have access to all queues in their branch, allowing them to move customers to other virtual queues as needed, encouraging a teamwork-oriented atmosphere in each office.

Iowa's new Qmatic system also allows MVD management to maximize operational efficiencies by tracking employee effectiveness and highlighting areas of needed training. With field office control managed through centralization and standardization, reporting and measurements are easily accessible to supervisors on a daily basis.

In order to extend the MVD's state-of-the-art technology, additional customer service improvements have being implemented across the state, including a special customer notes feature. Greeters have the ability to attach notes to specific cases as needed, communicating “handle with care” instances of suspected fraud, mobility difficulties, name changes or frustrated customers. The feature better prepares MVD agents, allowing them to serve Iowa's motoring public with confidence.

“We are so pleased with the new Qmatic process flow,” said Mary Ford, Iowa Public Service Executive. “The virtual queues help us organize customers according to the services we provide, and dashboard analytics help us track our service levels on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Qmatic's customer service management solution has been a huge benefit to Iowa's MVD branches statewide.”

“We are very excited about partnering with the state of Iowa,” said Thomas Sareyko, Qmatic CEO. “Use of the Qmatic system will allow MVD personnel to focus on providing quality care to customers in a relaxed, streamlined service flow, resulting in an increase in productivity and accountability across staff members.”

About Qmatic: Qmatic leads the way in maximizing face-to-face customer touch point opportunities. Qmatic’s solutions integrate the virtual/on-line and the real world, to help generate a seamless customer experience. To create the optimum Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution, based on the company’s market leading software and hardware solutions, Qmatic has invented and uses our Customer Flow Management (CFM) methodology. From managing the customer journey to collecting insights from across a spectrum of customer interactions, Qmatic enables remarkable customer experiences resulting in brand loyalty and superior customer satisfaction. With leading positions in Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Public sectors, Qmatic offers a global footprint, operating in over 120 countries through subsidiaries and partner network

About Iowa Motor Vehicle Division: For more than a century, the Iowa State Highway Commission and Iowa DOT have promoted the growth and betterment of Iowa’s transportation system. Headquartered in Ames, the agency continues to serve the transportation needs of Iowa and its citizens. The Motor Vehicle Division of Iowa's Department of Transportation is responsible for licensing drivers, including commercial and chauffeur's licenses. The division regulates height and weight restrictions and handles licensing and titling for all vehicles.

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