Qmatic Certified Hardware Rolls Out Globally

Blog title: Qmatic Certified Hardware Rolls Out Globally

September 20 2023 2 min

Qmatic recently launched Qmatic Certified Hardware, a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and seamless customer experiences. The new certified hardware assortment, consisting of check-in kiosks, waiting area displays, counter displays, and more, has now begun to be installed across various markets, including the Netherlands, Ecuador, The Bahamas, Mexico, the United States, and Finland. 

Qmatic Certified Hardware represents a significant advancement in customer journey management technology. Designed to elevate customer experiences and streamline operations, the new assortment of certified hardware uses the latest and most advanced technologies to meet modern businesses' evolving demands, providing exceptional ease of use, flexibility, quality, and longevity.

The certified hardware is being deployed into diverse industries and markets, ranging from healthcare facilities and retail stores to government offices, ensuring that each touchpoint in the customer journey is frictionless, leading to faster, more efficient, and streamlined processes. Some of the notable clients include the City of Amsterdam, IKEA México, and Newton County Tax Commissioner.

“With the Qmatic Certified Hardware assortment being rolled out to clients, we are reshaping how they engage with their customers, offering a tailored experience that enhances loyalty and provides more flexibility to meet customer needs,” said Mikael Hedlöf, President and CEO of Qmatic. “We are excited and look forward to seeing more deployments of Qmatic Certified Hardware in more regions in the upcoming months.”

Learn more about the Qmatic Certified Hardware assortment here.


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