Nevada DMV wait times drop 42 percent with Qmatic

February 5 2020 3 min

In an official statement, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles stated that its wait times has dropped with 42 percent in 2019, despite a 22 percent increase in walk-ins. By using Qmatic’s industry-leading solutions, the department has greater flexibility and advanced reporting capabilities that enable the DMV to spot bottlenecks and other problems.

From October through December 2019, the department’s six largest offices in Carson City, Las Vegas and Reno, served 436,832 walk-in customers with an average wait of 40 minutes. Whereas over the same period in 2018, the DMV served 356,075 walk-ins with an average wait of 69 minutes.

The Director of Nevada DMV, Julie Butler credited Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management system that was implemented last year for the decreased wait times. "I'm very pleased with these decreased wait times and the performance of both our new system and our staff," Butler said. "The DMV team is committed to serving our customers as efficiently as possible and we’re doing just that. We will continue to look for innovative ways to serve the motoring public in the years ahead."

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak stated, “As Nevada’s population continues to grow, we must think creatively about ways to deliver more government services with fewer resources, and the DMV has risen to that challenge by working tirelessly to decrease average wait times by nearly half an hour for customers across Nevada,” Sisolak continued. “Many Nevadans, myself included, have stood in a long line at the DMV in the past, and it’s great to see the DMV implementing state-of-the-art, time-saving tools to ensure our citizens can get back to work, school, or home in as little time as possible.”


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