Launch of Qmatic Certified Hardware

Launch of Qmatic Certified Hardware

July 5 2023 2 min

The landscape of customer experience management and the demands of customers are changing faster than ever. To keep Qmatic’s position as The global leader in reshaping connections between people and services for excellent customer experiences, we continuously need to transform along with that change.

Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that we now have a Qmatic certified third-party hardware assortment ready. With this assortment, we can offer our clients a wider range of hardware options to choose from in addition to our software. The assortment consists of hand-picked products that are tested and validated to work with Qmatic’s software. These carefully chosen products and bundles are labeled as “Qmatic Certified Hardware”.

“The new hardware assortment will provide a future-proof solution for our clients. By offering a range of hardware options, our clients can choose the solutions that are best suited to their unique needs”, says Mikael Hedlöf, President and CEO of Qmatic. “It also means that our software platforms can work seamlessly with the latest and most advanced technologies, keeping our clients ahead of the curve in terms of trends and advancements”.

The launch will be done in several steps. The initial assortment that is launched today consists of check-in kiosks, waiting area and counter displays as well as a number of related items. Learn more about the products here:

Check-in Kiosks for arrival and self-service

Displays for Digital Signage


For more information, please contact:

Mikael Hedlöf
President and CEO
+46 70 283 76 28

Anna Oom
Head of Marketing
+46 73 324 19 23

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