Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Records and Fingerprint Bureau chooses Qmatic

June 8 2020 2 min

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) offers a variety of services related to crime prevention, education as well as permits. On June 1st, the LVMPD Records and Fingerprint Bureau launched its new online appointment scheduling solution from Qmatic. The online appointment booking solution is powered by Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management solution – Qmatic Orchestra 7 and will enhance the agency’s online service for residents and improve customer convenience, reduce wait times, and minimize crowds.


The newly implemented solution allows customers to schedule appointments online at their own convenience by computer, tablet or smartphoneto apply for work cards permits, pick up or file a traffic or crime report and other services at the Records and Fingerprint Bureau webpage.  

After scheduling an appointment, a confirmation message will be sent confirming the time, and a reminder is sent 24 hours before customers are due to arrive at LVMPD’s location. Once customers check-in, the SMS-based system notifies customers of their place in line when it is their turn to be served.

The online appointment booking solution from Qmatic provides users with real-time data, analytics and reporting for optimized resource planning and service delivery. This will improve the customer flow and lobby management as the agency can adjust and match the number of appointment slots with resource availability, making it possible to utilize staff in a more efficient way.  

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