Karolinska University Laboratory Keeps Patients Safe with Qmatic Mobile Ticket

December 17 2020 6 min

Mölndal, Sweden –  Qmatic, a global leader in Customer Journey Management, today announced that Karolinska University Laboratory, one of the largest clinical laboratories in northern Europe, has signed an agreement to implement Qmatic Mobile Ticket at 47 of its Laboratory units across Sweden.

The implementation of Qmatic’s mobile queue management solution will digitally transform the patient experience and provide protective measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at its laboratory units. Using Qmatic’s Mobile Ticket, patients can get in line virtually from their smartphone and avoid crowded areas and waiting rooms. This way, patients can practice social distancing outside the healthcare facility or in their car and reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19, ensuring a safe and secure environment for patients and staff.

”We are proud to partner with Karolinska University Laboratory to help them serve their patients with the changed requirements during the pandemic,” commented Robert Ekström, CEO of Qmatic. “Qmatic is committed to support and deliver virtual queueing solutions for healthcare providers and patients that enables safer ways to receive care, improving the patient flows and patient encounters today and beyond.”

Karolinska University Laboratory occupies a leading position nationally in laboratory medicine and is one of the largest clinical laboratories in northern Europe. Karolinska University Laboratory conducts state-of-the-art research and development together with Karolinska Institutet and performs 20 million analyzes annually for 40,000 service users nationwide for all types of care-providers in the private and public sector and institutions.

By adding Mobile Ticket functionality to its existing Qmatic Orchestra solution, Karolinska University Laboratory can respond to patient needs for safer patient journeys at all laboratory units, while streamlining and optimizing the patient flow. The solution enables Karolinska University Laboratory to successfully enhance the staff and patient experience by reducing patient wait times and eliminating the need for patients to congregate in a traditional waiting room setting to leave samples. Providing a smooth and safe patient journey while continuing to provide patient-centered care in an optimal care setting, while adhering to social and physical distancing mandates.

“When the pandemic came, we needed to adjust our operations to prevent the spread of covid-19, making Qmatic Mobile Ticket an interesting solution for us to eliminate crowded waiting rooms,” stated Dindar Davoody, Biomedical Analyst and System Administrator at Karolinska University Laboratory. “The use of mobile devices has increased where more and more services are mobile compatible, and for Karolinska University Laboratory it is vital that we can offer our patients this type of technology that provides a safer patient and staff experience.”

Mobile Ticket is a browser-based solution that is available in Qmatic’s enterprise solution Qmatic Orchestra, an industry-leading platform for advanced patient journey management that seamlessly integrates with Hospital Information Systems (HIS). The platform allows healthcare providers to manage appointments, walk-ins, and emergency patients from arrival to discharge. Enabling management and healthcare professionals the possibility to deliver the best possible care for patients with an optimized patient journey and efficient utilization of healthcare resources. With its scalability and flexibility, users have access to powerful solutions to manage every stage of the customer journey with online appointment booking, mobile tickets, customer feedback, business intelligence and statistics. By improving the patient flow in a user-friendly and efficient way at every touchpoint, users can reduce wait times, improve the efficiency in which patients are processed, and give staff vastly improved data visibility on their patients. 

For more information please contact:

Robert Ekström
President and CEO
+46 733 552602

Peter Lundqvist
Chief Marketing Officer
+46 706 739005

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