Customer experience as ‘differentiator’ in new Coolblue XXL – stores

December 18 2017 4 min

Focus on customer experience
Unfortunately not all retailers are doing well. So, what is the big difference between Coolblue and others? At Coolblue the entire organisation is aimed at optimizing the experience for customers. And, they know really well that this entails all aspects of the organisation. From the moment that a visitor lands on the Coolblue website up until the moment they go to the ‘unwrap your package’ table – to unwrap their newly bought article- and service desk for urgent questions. At Coolblue they don’t believe in formal language and paying for returning an article. No, at Coolblue they do ‘everything for a smile’. A truly optimized customer experience!

Customer experience optimisation is exactly where strategic partner Qmatic, supplier of the Customer Journey Management system - that can be found in the Coolblue stores- stands for.

When you have ordered a new laptop online and have a question, or, if you would like to pick up your mobile phone, you can go to one of the 6 Coolblue stores in the Netherlands.

Here you will see Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management technology at work. By registering yourself at one of the self-service kiosks you receive a ticket that corresponds with your place in the line making sure that you never have to wait longer than strictly necessary and ensuring that you always know when it is your turn.

"We have been seeing that retailers and organisations in other sectors focus more on the customer experience as ‘differentiator’, for quite a while now. Customer Journey Management technology is essential to be able to improve the customer experience in the store and I am convinced that it is an important part of the success of Coolblue. We are proud to be able to play our part in their success”, says Renze de Ruiter, Managing Director at Qmatic.

See for yourself
Coolblue has recently opened their new XXL-store in the revamped shopping centre New Babylon, The Hague. Here you can see for yourself what customer experience optimisation looks like!

About Qmatic Qmatic is the global leader in customer journey management, enabling 2 billion yearly customer journeys in over 120 countries. More than 30 years of innovation has given Qmatic the technical advantage to create valuable customer experiences by connecting people to services. We simplify contacts, reduce friction, and save time and money for our customers in retail, finance, health services and public sector. Today and in the future.

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