Copenhagen airport transfer center installs Qmatic Orchestra 7

April 10 2019 1 min

Although we have a long experience with different customer journey solutions in a variety of sectors airports and the notion to create a great customer for air passengers has evolved. Passengers have a lot of information to handle during their travel and our vision is to deliver each piece of information at the right time and as updated as possible.

With that we would like to present the recent Qmatic Orchestra 7 system implemented in the transfer center of Copenhagen Airport. In cooperation between Qmatic and the Copenhagen Airport there was a brand new Qmatic Orchestra 7 solution installed in the airport transfer center further developing their awarded reputation as being the best airport I Northern Europe.

The reasoning behind the solution was to improve the transfer passenger journey and to simplify the different steps needed when switching flights.

The installing of Orchestra 7 resulted in a combined solution that facilitates 144 unique services offered by 4 handlings companies working 21 counters, on behalf of the 96 airlines operating through CPH. The number of passengers that goes trough the system is 10.000+ and the solution enables VIP card prioritization for SAS (Gold, Pandium etc.) members as well as SMS notifications for a better communication flow with the passengers.



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