Unilabs Sweden to Deploy Qmatic’s Mobile Queue Management System



Mölndal, Sweden. Qmatic, the global leader in Customer Journey Management, today announced that Unilabs Sweden, one of the largest diagnostic providers in Sweden, has signed an agreement for the implementation of Qmatic’s Instant Mobile Queue Management at more than 30 clinics across Sweden. The solution will enhance the patient experience with safer, contactless patient journeys while providing a safe work environment at its clinics amid the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.Unilabs is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of clinical laboratory testing and medical diagnostic imaging services to private and public healthcare providers, local governments, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and the public. Unilabs has over 500 clinics and imaging centers and is present in seventeen countries.

The deployment of Qmatic’s virtual queuing solutions enables a safe and secure environment for patients and staff by reducing crowds and allowing patients to wait outside its clinics by issuing a Mobile Ticket. The solution prepares Unilabs for future challenges and provides an optimal care setting for its patients and staff, while adhering to social and physical distancing mandates.

“In our daily challenge during the pandemic to provide safe diagnostics for all patients, as well as to fight the Covid-19 disease, we are both grateful and impressed with the speed and commitment with which Qmatic helped us implement a great digital solution to enable social distancing at our collection centers.”

Inge Andersson, Operations Director Lab medicine and Pathology Unilabs Sweden

By placing a QR code at the entrance of its clinics, patients can easily scan the QR code with their smartphone and obtain a mobile ticket. This empowers visitors to wait outside the premises while comfortably following their progress in line on their smartphone. When the visitor is next in line, the staff can easily call the patient forward using a smartphone or tablet. This makes it possible to protect patients and staff by practicing social distancing to reduce the risk of virus spread and eliminate crowded waiting areas.

“It is with great pleasure I can conclude that the Qmatic team all across the world have scrambled to find ways to help clients like Unilabs to continue serving their customers during the pandemic that we are experiencing,” said Robert Ekström, CEO of Qmatic, “Together with our partners, we provide solutions that help connecting people to service not only in Healthcare but also in Public Service, Retail and Finance."

Qmatic’s Instant Mobile Queue Management is composed to specifically meet the needs businesses and organizations face in this unprecedented situation. The comprehensive solution has all functionality pre-configured and is entirely cloud- and subscription-based, which allows Unilabs to safely continue its operations by replacing the physical interactions and touchpoints with virtual queuing solutions at every step of the patient journey. Making it possible for patients and medical staff to provide a safe clinical setting and improve patient workflows. Beyond being able to provide safer patient journeys, the diagnostic provider will also strengthen the ability to gather data from real-time monitoring, analyzing and generating reports for optimized operations.

For more information please contact:

Robert Ekström
President and CEO
+46 733 552602

Peter Lundqvist
Chief Marketing Officer
+46 706 739005

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Unilabs is one of Europe’s largest diagnostics companies. It offers a complete range of laboratory, pathology and imaging services for patients all around the world. With 12,700 employees across 150 imaging centres and 250 labs in 17 countries, we perform more than four million lab tests a week – saving lives every single day.