The Department of Civil Affairs in Egypt Future-Proofs the Citizen Journey with Qmatic

We are proud to announce that Qmatic’s Premier Solution Partner – Infinity Distribution Co has successfully signed a deal with the Ministry of Interior of Egypt, Department of Civil Affairs to implement and enhance the citizen journey for its clients with the employment of Qmatic’s leading-edge self-service kiosk.

Through the implementation of Qmatic’s customer journey management solution, the Department of Civil Affairs will be able to decrease wait times and enhance the level of service to its clients in a secure manner, enabling greater efficiency for staff and management.

The Department of Civil Affairs officials stated in a news release that “The implementation of Qmatic’s solutions are in line with the Department of Civil Affairs commitment to enhance the customer’s experience through continuous investment in technology and innovation.”

Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management solutions are currently available at the Head Office of the Department of Civil Affairs and 80 branches and will roll out to another 220 branches in the future.