Qmatic works with the Elche City Council in Spain to provide citizen services and accessibility for the blind and visually impaired

Qmatic, the leading company in Customer Experience Management, has successfully implemented the Qmatic Orchestra solution at the Elche City Council in order to centrally manage the City Council’s services offices.

In order to provide the same quality integral service for everyone, the Elche City Council decided to incorporate the ability to service blind and visually impaired citizens by means of self-service kiosks with special options. These kiosks allow a citizen to check-in when they arrive at the City Council which notifies the service providers so that they can provide the attention required.

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Improvements for blind and visually impaired persons that were requested by ONCE (a Spanish non-profit organization for blind and visually impaired people) were installed in two city council services offices. These two Qmatic advanced queue management solutions have a specific button that gives the blind person a number in Braille and that in addition lets them know acoustically via speakers when it’s their turn and which desk they should go to. Furthermore, to ensure that they arrive at the correct place there are red vinyl stickers on the floor that function as a router that can be detected visually by the visually impaired, as well as with a walking stick.

Javier Media, Business Development & Marketing Manager of Qmatic Spain explains that “Qmatic Orchestra is a solution comprised of software and hardware elements, which are scalable depending on the client’s needs. The configuration of the solution can be adapted for each office at the same time that centralized management and reporting is maintained. This organization makes Orchestra highly configurable, scalable and future-proof for the client”

Thanks to Qmatic Orchestra, the Elche City Council now has a queue management system that quickly channels the attention of citizens including the 416 blind people registered in Elche. The Qmatic Orchestra system offers a self-service model which is more flexible and has more options (like for example the possibility of making a prior appointment). It also includes information in waiting areas that facilitate management of the procedures and allow for more interaction between the Elche City Council and its citizens.