Qmatic Solutions Implemented at COVID-19 Testing Center in Bahrain

Qmatic partner Transworld IT has successfully implemented Qmatic’s solutions at the COVID-19 Test and Quarantine Center in Bahrain.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Health in Bahrain has implemented Qmatic’s Customer Journey Management solution at their COVID-19 Testing and Quarantine Centers.

The COVID-19 Testing and Quarantine Center in Bahrain features 14,000 square meters that are divided into three different departments to test and assist visitors with symptomatic and asymptomatic symptoms, as well as people that recently arrived at the airport. The Bahrain government expects the Testing and Quarantine Centers to serve 4,700 visitors per day and has also constructed a new 308,000 square meter hall to support patients in case of wider-spread of COVID-19 in the country.

bahrain covid19 test center with text

The solution from Qmatic will enable the Ministry of Health in Bahrain to help and support large groups of visitors arriving to the Testing Center, while practice social distancing with safety and health in focus. This will make it possible for visitors and staff to have a safe low-touch environment that enables staff to check-in and call visitors seamlessly, reducing the risk of virus spread.

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“We are delighted and proud of this implementation, everything was deployed in a fast and controlled manner and it feels great to make a difference in these uncertain times,” said Hamad Al Sindi, COO of Transworld IT, “The government of Bahrain choose Qmatic for its cutting-edge technology, the reliability of the systems, and the extensive experience Qmatic has in handling emergency cases.

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