Pre-Conference Q&A with Jeff Green

We are excited about the upcoming Sales Conference, and to provide you with valuable insights into the different topics that will be covered, we decided to have a sit-down with the speakers at this year’s conference. First off, we have Jeff Green, COO.

portrait of man sitting down with plant behind

Hi Jeff, what can we expect from your sessions during the conference?

Expect energy, passion, and learning. Day one is going to be focused around ways to grow and to improve sales, and the enablers. For the first time, we’re focusing on two full days of sales training, which is new for this year’s conference. So, this is a great experience to train related to sales skill set.

What are you looking forward to the most with the sales conference?

It’s the people! For me, I get the energy from all the people I get to see every year, and it’s always exciting to share my experiences about Qmatic over the last year and to be forward leaning and determine with the sales people where we are going the next year.

This year’s theme is Connecting, can you elaborate on that from sales perspective?

Connecting is all about connecting people to services and helping our clients do that. It’s connecting individuals to bigger regions and to the company itself. It’s the energy we should be driving and the direction we should be going. But it is also about the connection and collaboration between colleagues around the world, learning on how to do things differently. That’s how great things are happening, and to me, that’s what connecting is. Is not just us connecting ideas and sharing our vision and sales process. It’s the little tiny connection that I haven’t probably thought of yet of what we want to do.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Keep looking at the updates on the agenda, and we will be excited to see everyone there!