Pre-Conference Q&A with Magnus Dahlbäck

We are excited about the upcoming Sales Conference, and to provide you with valuable insights into the different topics that will be covered, we decided to have a sit-down with the speakers at this year’s conference. Today we introduce, Magnus Dahlbäck Senior VP of Strategy and Products.

Magnus Dahlbäck Qmatic

Hi Magnus, what can we expect from your session during the conference?

You can expect a lot of interaction, a lot of outside-in perspective, for example, looking at the market, looking at the challenges that our clients are experiencing based on digitalization, and how we can resolve and help our clients in those specific challenges and touchpoints. That will be the platform in the session related to our products.

This year’s conference will have the theme “connecting”, can you elaborate on that from a product standpoint?

Connecting is focusing a lot on the client needs. What we provide our clients with for them to manage touchpoints, for example, interactions with an end-user that could be a customer, patient, citizen, depending on sector. And that’s really the purpose with our products, to deliver services in those touchpoints, connecting people to services, which also is a part of our vision statement.

What are you looking forward to the most with the sales conference?

To receive feedback and interact, both with Qmatic salespeople and partners, I really appreciate to talk directly with our salespeople and partners, they provide us with extremely valuable information on what is needed, what’s working, what’s not working.

Describe the importance of this Sales Conference?

I think this conference is extremely valuable, considering the fact that we go through Qmatic cross-functions. One dimension is that we’ll discuss what we are doing within products, marketing, sales etc. The other is the channels, for example, partners and our sales staff, and it that matrix you get a lot of intersections, and I know and hope that it will be extremely valuable for all the people involved.