New updated Qmatic Mobile Ticket takes customer journeys to the next level

Mölndal, 1st November 2017 - A new software release to the Qmatic mobile solution, Mobile Ticket, takes customer journeys to a new level by further improving user friendliness, capacity optimization and security.

When launched earlier this year the Qmatic mobile ticket bridged the gap between the digital world and physical appointments with medical doctors, financial advisors, sales representatives or any other service provider.

Among the new features in the update is the option to scan a QR-code to start the customer journey. By using the QR-option the user gets a digital queue ticket without having to download an app or giving out a personal information, for example phone numbers.

“Safety and convenience are top of mind for most users. We have noticed a general trend where users are increasingly reluctant to download apps. As the leading provider of solutions for better customer journeys, we are always working hard to provide better customer experiences and value for service providers and users alike” says Ellen Hartelius, UX-designer and product manager for Qmatic for Mobile Ticket.

Mobile Ticket from Qmatic bridges the gap between the digital and physical world, from first contact to actual meeting utilizing technical power provided by smartphones. The mobile ticket system is designed to create value in several ways: Saving precious time for the user, adding valuable information and providing valuable data for the service provider enabling even better customer journeys and better long-term relationships.

The update includes several new improvements requested by Qmatic’s customers and partners:

Optimization of the code to make the system load faster in environments with less than perfect mobile coverage. By using positioning and other data more efficiently the update will provide clever features for service providers to ensure smoother customer journeys, for instance coordinating the solution with opening hours It will also make it possible for multi-branch service providers to make sure customers get a mobile ticket to the right place.

The update also includes the possibility to connect a quick customer feedback survey, a factor that is growing in importance for companies and organizations striving to streamline the customer experience.

For the end consumer, one of the great advantages is the ability to transform waiting time into more productive or pleasant activities, like doing errands or having a cappuccino when ahead of schedule.

For service providers, the Mobile Ticket offers unique value in enabling adjustment of operations to actual customer behavior while giving staff the right information to prepare for the customer meeting.