New partner in Senegal

We are pleased to announce that Qmatic has signed a new partner agreement with Titan International.

Titan International is a Senegalese company specialized in the architecture of the customer’s experience. Through their offers of support in the digitalization of the customer journey, interactive communication and Smart Business & Cities solutions, they help their customers transform every touchpoint into a place of life, exchanges, experiences, and emotions.

As the leader in Senegal and in the sub-region, Titan International are present in the entire value chain, from the identification of clients’ needs to implementation through solution design, distribution and support. They act as a major actor in digital transformation and promote the integration of Professional Communications with a managerial excellence of all industries.

Titan International are a member of the Colombe Group and has a team of qualified and versatile professionals who are committed to satisfy customers with efficiency and dynamism and in the utmost confidentiality.

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