Lanbide – Basque Employment Service Adapts to the New Normal with Qmatic

Lanbide, the Basque Employment Service deploys Qmatic Customer Journey Management solution to adapt to the new normal, providing a safe environment for visitors and staff.

lanbide-image-socialPhoto: Irekia 

Lanbide - the Basque Employment Services stated in a news release that the agency will once again reopen its offices to the public. Using Qmatic Customer Journey Management solutions, the government agency will be able to adjust to the new normal and provide a safer environment for visitors and staff by limiting the number of visitors in the waiting area and reduce physical interactions. The solution will be available at 42 of Lanbide’s offices located in the Basque Country.

The Minister of Employment and Social Policies of the Basque Government, Beatriz Artolazabal and the General Director of Lanbide, Borja Belandia were present when one of  the Basque Employment Service offices reopened where Artolazabal stated that "The reopening will be done in compliance with the recommendations and health guidelines to protect all people, workers and users." By implementing Qmatic’s appointment solution, the agency can match and control the maximum capacity at its offices with available appointment slots online, to ensure adherence to social distancing recommendations. "The goal is to have as few people as possible in the offices and reduce wait time in the waiting areas," Artolazabal added. Visitors are now able to schedule an appointment online with their laptop, tablet or smartphone via Lanbide’s website or by calling the agency.

Qmatic’s appointment solution is fully integrated with the queuing and self-service check-in system, allowing a smooth and safe citizen journey from online booking to service. When an appointment is scheduled, an appointment confirmation is sent with a QR code that allows visitors to seamlessly check-in upon arrival without any staff interaction by scanning the QR code on their mobile device on Qmatic Intro 17 self-service kiosk and issue a Mobile Ticket. This reduces the physical interactions, enabling visitors to wait for their turn outside the office until called. Once restrictions ease, the solution will also allow walk-in visitors to obtain a ticket and wait in line, creating a better balance between appointments and walk-ins for an enhanced customer experience and optimized operations.

Link to video of the solution implemented