Great inspiration at the Javaforum event

Qmatic has a strong team developing our Enterprise solution, Orchestra. Built with Java we secure the customer journey, real-time analytics and deliver a seamless cross-channel experience.

With Java being such an important part of what we do, it’s always key to keep up with the the latest and both learn from others and share insights to ensure we deliver the best possible solutions. At Javaforum in Gothenburg we were able to not only be inspired but also to sponsor the event.

man presenting

Henrik Lindberg, Software Manager, talked about how Qmatic has evolved from being a queuing company to a high-end software provider supporting and empowering the customer journey for over 2 billion people a year.

jpeople standing in a crowd and talking

At Qmatic, we are always interested in great developers so naturally we took the opportunity to talk about our company and the fantastic team spirit we have within and between our different scrum teams.