Focus on flexibility as Qmatic announces Orchestra 7

Efficient customer journey management means streamlining every engagement point, whether it is a consumer, patient or citizen seeking to get serviced. This means online and onsite as well as instantly or with an appointment, including post-service customer feedback. With 65 000 systems installed globally supporting 2 billion customer journeys annually, Qmatic provides the world leading platform to help clients in Retail, Finance, Public sector and Healthcare. Featuring solutions like mobile ticketing, instant customer feedback, business intelligence and statistics, the modularized Orchestra 7 is Qmatic’s answer to the increasing market demand for a flexible and scalable solution. The new product offering allows customers to design their solution by combining the modules they require.


“Depending on their business environment, our customers have varying needs both when it comes to functionality and complexity of the solution. With our new modular offering, we can tailor a solution that is the perfect fit for each individual customer”, says Robert Ekström, President and CEO. “This means that whatever your needs are today, Qmatic will be able to provide the solution. And thanks to the modular design, that solution can grow as your needs grow”, says Robert Ekström.

Orchestra 7 also offers new and improved functionality in areas such as appointments and web booking. Not only does this provide for a smooth customer experience, together with functionality such as Business Intelligence and statistics, it also makes Orchestra 7 a powerful tool for resource planning and operational optimization.

Moreover, with modernized platform support, Orchestra 7 stays current with requirements for integration with existing IT infrastructure. To guarantee integrity and reliability the new version also features updated and improved security.

To meet the requirements of the new GDPR legislation that will be introduced throughout the European Union in May 2018, Orchestra 7 has been made GDPR ready. This means that the system ships with a set of documentation, processes and tools to help the user comply with the legislation.

For more information, please contact Robert Ekström, President and CEO.

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