Qmatic provides Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait with industry-leading Self-Service Kiosks in all branches

We are proud to announce that Qmatic’s Premier Solution Partner – CFM Gulf Computers Co has successfully signed a deal with Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait (ABK), one of the leading Kuwaiti banks to be the first to implement and offer NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for its customers and clients with the employment of Qmatic’s Intro 17 – Qmatic’s industry leading self-service kiosk.


Through the implementation of Qmatic’s customer journey management solution, ABK will be able to decrease wait times and enhance the level of service to its clients in a secure manner, enabling greater efficiency for staff and management.

Upon arrival, customers will be able to scan their CID on the Intro 17 NFC card reader, making all customer information available to the ABK staff, allowing them to identify and recognize a client immediately. This keeps staff well informed and the clients in control as soon as they enter the branch.

ABK officials stated in a news release that “The launch of NFC, which is the latest in a series of technology-led achievements, is in line with ABK’s commitment to enhance the customer’s experience through continuous investment in technology and innovation.”

Qmatic’s self-service kiosks is currently available in ABK’s Head Office branch and will be available in all 32 of ABK’s branches.