Getting service delivery right in Public Sector

“The government of the future needs to be hospitable like hotels and run 24/7 like airlines. All services need to be in one-stop shop”, claims one of the leaders behind the UAE push for better citizen service access.

As the world moves into a new age with digitally enabled solutions there is also the need to look not only at the technological development itself, but how it impacts quality of life for citizens.

In a bold move the UAE government initiated an ambitious project to modernize citizen services some years ago, and this has been under development ever since. As a part of the initiative there has been collaboration with both experts and other governments to try to improve public sector service in a measurable way that drives continuous development over time. In 2011 they launched the “Seven Star Rating Program”. Aimed at improving service delivery across government service centers, the program has been effective in encouraging healthy competition among public sector entities.

Read more about the challenges of implementing the “Seven Star Rating Program” in this World Government Summit report (PDF).