Bricks, Bytes and Behavior – revolutionizing the hospital patient journey

When patient journeys are optimized to be both ”human” and cost-effective everybody wins; patients, doctors, management and society.

With the right tools all resources can be optimized around the core processes – in this case, the patient process. With some help from Qmatic the Admiraal de Ruyter hospital in the Netherlands has managed to wrap that process up in a hospital building and support it with digitalization and medical professionals. In other words, bricks, bytes and behavior are used to fine-tune the desired outcomes.

The customer-journey technology implemented by Qmatic has interfaces to all three dimensions. A customer journey in a hospital is first of all, of course, a physical process: patients move within a building (bricks). The route they take, however, is partly determined by smart algorithms (bytes). This is where technology comes into play. It is also important, naturally, for hospital staff to be able to work effectively with the customer-journey platform (behavior) to get the best results. The synergies created by the system create positive impact on patient and employee satisfaction as well as operative effectiveness and financial requirements.

Read the entire case study here (PDF document, 1024 kB)