Mobility has transformed everything about how humans act – and interact.

It has changed the definition of a great customer experience. It has upped every expectation related to personalisation, control, speed, and efficiency. For organisations striving to keep up with this dynamic shift, Qmatic Mobile Solutions represent a powerful set of resources.

A mobile solution from Qmatic is the glue between the virtual and physical world that empowers customers and mobile workforce to act more freely. It allows for a seamless and efficient customer experience and it provides the means for a service provider to offer a personalised experience and to communicate with customers before they arrive to the physical location.

Every step in the journey from online to onsite is integrated and able to generate valuable analytics. You have everything you need – in the palm of your hand.

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Mobile Connect

Empower your employees with Mobile Connect

Orchestra Connect and Solo Connect are smart business apps that get employees out from behind a counter and onto the service floor to attend to customers. The result is higher customer satisfaction scores, increased productivity, and a happier team.
With the single interface, team members can manage walk-ins, maintain awareness of waiting customers, customers currently being served, and upcoming visits. They can also tap into useful business analytics like services delivered and outcomes. Using a smart Bluetooth button, the user can perform a host of tasks (e.g., calling the next customer in the queue or ending a visit) simply by pushing the button without having to take their mobile phone out of their pocket.

Provide personalised service with Orchestra Concierge

Orchestra Concierge is an efficient app for the mobile workforce that provides a seamless bridge between the online and the physical world. It empowers employees to provide more personalised and better service in meet & greet situations.The solution gives hosts not only the ability to greet customers, but to quickly triage and process the customer - if they want to book an appointment, if they have an appointment for which they are checking in, or if they are a walk-in who needs direction. Your mobile workforce becomes more productive by having information at their fingertips that make it easier to provide great customer service.

Mobile Ticket

Let customers wait anywhere with Mobile Ticket

Empower end-customers by allowing them to queue virtually using their phone, eliminating the pain of waiting. Qmatic’s mobile ticket solution enables customers to get in line before arriving at the branch. It also allows customer at the branch to select a mobile ticket, giving them the flexibility to wait wherever they desire while still being able to monitor their place in line.

Anyone with a smartphone and a web browser can access mobile ticket – there is no need to download yet another app. If you are looking for a ticketless system this is the ultimate solution!

Download our Infographic - Is there a Gap in your Customer Experience?