Great customer experience is determined by how your customers perceive the quality of their interactions with your organisation. Qmatic gives you the ability to gather those opinions and put them to use within your business intelligence.

Customer FeedbackImmediately within your environment, the proprietary Qmatic Expressiafeedback system generates an unparalleled level of real-time satisfaction data. Customers respond to simple service questions with a single touch of a screen.

Customise a set of simple inquiries like, “how do you rate your visit?” By asking direct questions, you can directly align feedback input with actual, measurable operations data. Those impressions augment other customer experience management and queuing system statistics.

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Each location can tap into constant insight to confirm that service promises are being fulfilled. And because the solution integrates with other customer journey systems and data, it informs business intelligence and strategy for the organisation as a whole.

For the customer, the opportunity to respond to the customer experience improves trust, loyalty, and the chance of a recommendation. For you, it is the best way to make sure your service promise is fulfilled every day.

Download our Infographic - Is there a Gap in your Customer Experience?