Customer experience is critical to success. Today’s customers and patients engage with companies in more ways than ever before – through social, digital, direct, in-store, mobile and call centres. We orchestrate a connected experience across all channels. We bridge the gap between the virtual and physical world to create seamless customer journeys, with improved customer satisfaction at every touch point. Ensure brand consistency, deliver a personalised experience and empower customers, with Qmatic.


Gaining and retaining customers relies heavily on customer satisfaction. Deliver a better user experience and you’ll see a rise in customer retention. Our customer experience management solution enables you to get to know your customers or patients so well that it becomes easy to create and deliver unique, personalised experiences that increase customer loyalty.


Improve customer service, increase customer engagement and deliver a personalised experience that differentiates you from your competitors. By allowing customers or patients to book online, utilise their smart devices to manage their place in the queue, self-check-in, receive a personalised response based on their preferences, or record their feedback in real-time, our solution offers a truly customer centric approach. It means you can deliver the best service possible, across all channels.

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Businesses often encounter a stumbling block when working out how to measure customer satisfaction. That’s because the process of capturing the information can be disjointed, and the results are only indicative, so they are not able to give a complete view of the overall picture. What’s more, when data isn’t captured at the time of the experience, the opportunity to gain real feedback is lost. We ensure you can better understand your customers and their experiences through feedback features that operate in real time.

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Customer feedback is an invaluable way to improve the whole customer journey to encourage repeat visits. Crucially, our solution enables immediate feedback via employee apps or customer and patient texts, so you can take any necessary action right away.

Find out how this can help enhance your customer satisfaction.

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Give customers or patients the ability to book an appointment online and manage it themselves, if their plans change. Our appointment management solution integrates with self-check-in and virtual queue management. It all syncs with your staff’s skillsets and availability.

Learn how empowering customers can improve overall satisfaction.

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Eliminate the frustration of waiting around by enabling customers or patients to queue virtually, using their phones. Use our mobile ticket solution to allow customers to get in line before arriving at a physical location and keep them informed with a live status update.

Discover how mobile queuing helps to increase customer retention.

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Better understand your customers or patients, and how they interact with you. Our solution covers the whole customer journey, to give you comprehensive, actionable insights. We connect data across multiple touchpoints in the journey to give you an omnichannel view.

Discover how we put data at your fingertips in real time.

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Understand, anticipate and meet expectations with seamless customer journeys. From online and mobile, to the in-store experience, we bridge virtual and physical channels to deliver a connected, personalised experience that helps to build loyalty with your brand. We give you the opportunity to make an impact with every single interaction.

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Leading Furniture Retailer

Qmatic have worked with a leading global furniture company who aim to create a unique immersive customer experience across their stores.

City of Wolverhampton Council

Created £1.5m worth of operational efficiencies within three years by connecting customers to their services.

Post Office

New branch formats and virtual queue management increased customer satisfaction at the Post Office to 96%. Hear from the head of Customer Experience >>



Boost sales, satisfaction and loyalty

Rise above the competition and increase your revenue. Join your online, mobile and in-store experiences to create a seamless customer journey.

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Improve patient care quality and reduce costs

Provide quality patient care and raise performance levels. Improve operational efficiencies, employee satisfaction and keep administration costs down.

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Provide a more personal and efficient service

Put customers at ease and empower your employees. Connect mobile, online, branch, and self-service channels to create seamless experiences.

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Improve service delivery and create efficiencies

Give customers easier ways to connect to services, empower staff to be more productive and drive improvements through real-time feedback.

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