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  • December

  • 2018

  • Improve customer satisfaction in the retail environment

    Offering excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction must start with understanding customer expectations. Businesses, shops, banks and all forms of retailers, need to understand their customers more than ever before, to ensure that they can satisfy their every need. By profiling...

  • Customer Experience Management

    finance-primary finance-primary finance-primary Customer experience is critical to success. Today’s customers and patients engage with companies in more ways than ever before – through social, digital, direct, in-store, mobile and call centres. We orchestrate a connected experience across all...

  • Service and support (UK)

    UK Support for Qmatic Systems Support queries For all support matters you can contact our team on: Phone: +44 845 123 02 10 Email: Ticket ordering To order tickets please email us at: Email:

  • May

  • Local governments racing ahead of NHS in visitor journey management solution deployment

    Local governments racing ahead of NHS in visitor journey management solution deployment The latest Freedom of Information (FoI) survey from visitor journey management expert Qmatic has revealed that NHS trusts are falling behind their public sector counterparts in the local government sector in...

  • Customer Journey Management

    Communicate Collect Serve Infrastructure Ecosystem Business intelligence public-primary healthcare-primary healthcare-secondary-2 retail-secondary-1 finance-secondary-2 finance-primary Enterprise Queue Management System Software Today´s needs, tomorrows ambitions What do you want to...

  • Qmatic Partner Network

    Queue Management Partnership Opportunities At Qmatic, journeys are in our DNA. We’re behind the advanced technology and cutting-edge development tools you need to improve your customer journeys. And we’re experts at providing the dedicated support you need for your own journey towards business...

  • Group Management

    Group Management Robert Ekström President and CEO Tommy Niklasson CFO Jeff Green COO Peter Lundqvist CMO Monica Tapper VP, Human Resources Stefan Persson SVP Worldwide Channel Sales Magnus Dahlbäck SVP Products & Strategy Meet our Group Management team. This page provides an overview...

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