Genuine Qmatic Tickets

Put your message directly into the hands of your visitors

Genuine Qmatic tickets complete a perfect self-service kiosk solution. They are designed specifically by Qmatic to work best with Qmatic printer hardware. Like everything we do, we produce these tickets to meet the most rigorous standards.

Qmatic tickets are produced from custom thermo paper with a focus on reliability, print quality, value, and environmental sustainability. The paper is constructed and pre-cut specifically to work with Qmatic printers. Better ink absorption and less paper ‘dust’ from separating the tickets lead to superior print quality, faster print outs, fewer paper jams, and less mechanical stress on the printer output mechanisms.

The ability to print a custom message on the backside transforms Qmatic tickets from a queue number system into another way to communicate with your visitors. Print brand messages, custom offers, directions, or whatever other information you choose across up to three tickets. Each small ticket becomes tangible proof that you value your customers, patients and citizens, and are ready to service their needs.

Features of Genuine Qmatic Tickets

  • Top quality thermal paper
  • 100% recyclable
  • Security sealed and branded ticket rolls certify Qmatic quality
  • Varieties meet specific needs (e.g., Bisphenol-free, thermal paper produced under FSC regulation, print color, thickness)
  • Customize with your logo, message, coupon, directions or more

Put Your Message in Writing

Genuine Qmatic Tickets will extend the life of your Qmatic system and secure your system warranty. Even more important, they will extend your message to customers, patients and citizens, and secure a great experience.

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