The moment a customer, patient or citizen connects with you, the journey is underway. Make sure the first physical engagement point is intuitive, obvious, and productive for all.

Integrating Qmatic self-service kiosks throughout your locations helps customers quickly mange tasks like checking in for an appointment, and keeps them informed about where to go, what to do, or how long to wait. Service volume flows more smoothly, and employees can direct their focus to the customers who need their expertise.

Your environment works more efficiently, the transition from online to onsite is seamless, and everybody knows what to do.

Qmatic produces five exclusive self-service kiosks and Genuine Qmatic Tickets for use in the units. These purpose-built units feature cohesive design and interoperability so they can be used individually or combined to suit your environment. You can extend applicability by adding card, barcode or QR code, or other readers to the units. The systems are based on the fast, secure Linux system, reducing technical worries and cost. All Qmatic kiosks are designed for low power consumption to support true enterprise operations with a minimum footprint and the lowest possible TCO.

Scroll down for details about our newest and most popular models – the Intro 17, Intro 8, and Intro 5 Self-Service Kiosks.

Qmatic Intro 17 Self-Service Kiosk

  • Built on an embedded platform to be smarter, and more function rich and fault tolerant
  • Centralises your branch solution in a sleek, fully connected unit
  • Designed and built by Qmatic to our highest standards for performance and reliability, including 24/7 use, all-in-one integrated design, and no moving parts
  • Lowest TCO with less hardware, replacement parts and power use, and Qmatic Care coverage
  • The only kiosk on the market enabled for Distributed Operations, meaning easier installation, lower environmental impact, and more functions

Self-Service Kiosks

Intro 8 Self-Service Kiosk

Qmatic Intro 8 Self-Service Kiosk

  • Convenient, powerful 8-inch touch screen device
  • Flexible services and languages display options
  • Installs on tables, walls or pedestals
  • Key lock security
  • Low power consumption with idle mode

Qmatic Intro 5 Self-Service Kiosk

  • Backlit buttons for easy visibility
  • Displays a controlled set of service options and information
  • Easily customise buttons for specific service names
  • Installs on tables, walls or pedestals
  • Key lock security
  • Low power consumption with idle mode
  • Operates as a standalone (Qmatic Solo) or integrated (Qmatic Orchestra)
  • Ultra-convenient size fits any kiosk functionality or size requirement

Intro 5 Self-Service Kiosk

Small and Mighty

The first physical customer touch point needs to represent the quality of the entire customer experience. Qmatic self-service kiosks are obvious, powerful and optimally useful for everyone in the journey. It’s the easiest way to make a strong first impression.

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