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The financial sector

  • Banca Popolare del Cassinate (IT)
    Banca Popolare del Cassinate founded in 1955, is the oldest local people's bank in the province of Frosinone and represents an important benchmark for growth and development in the region.
    Download (PDF document, 691 kB)
  • Bankia (ES)
    Bankia was founded in 2010 following the merger of six regional banks. In 2013, Bankia decided to meet one of the major needs of its banking customers: accessibility, giving both, customers and non-customers, the option of going to the bank outside regular opening times and providing them with great service.
    Download (PDF document, 217 kB)
  • Capitec Bank (ZA)
    South Africa bank Capitec Bank was launched in 2001 on an extremely competitive market with well-established competitors.
    Download (PDF document, 545 kB)
  • Groupama (IT)
    Italian subsidiary of Groupama, a major insurance group with over 13 million customers in 11 countries around the world.
    Download (PDF document, 706 kB)

The healthcare sector

  • Admiraal du Ruyter Hospital (NL)
    Admiraal du Ruyter hospital has locations in the towns of Goes and Vlissingen, which are situated in the central region of the southern Dutch province of Zeeland in the Netherlands.
    Download (PDF document, 1024 kB)
  • Melton Health (AU)
    Djerriwarrh Health Services (DjHS) serves the fastest growing metropolitan population of Melton and Moorabool. The Health Service has a current catchment population in excess of 150,000.Melton Health was the first of three State Government funded Super Clinics to open its doors in Victoria.
    Download (PDF document, 462 kB)
  • Gemini Ziekenhuis and Medisch Centrum Alkmaar (NL)
    MCA are two hospitals in the North Holland province of the Netherlands. Together, they form the MCA Gemini Groep.
    Download (PDF document, 516 kB)
  • Guarnieri Hospital (IT)
    Accredited by the Lazio Region, the Guarnieri Hospital is a multi-specialty center that provides inpatient and outpatient services (Day Hospital) focusing on various medical specialties.
    Download (PDF document, 776 kB)

The Retail Sector

  • Coolblue (BENELUX)
    The successful e-commerce company - known especially for its web shop - is doing everything to give its customers the ultimate experience.Online as well as offline. Coolblue is also quite visible offline with seven physical stores in the Netherlands and Belgium.
    Download (PDF document, 541 kB)
  • Decathlon (IT)
    Decathlon is one of the best-known and best -loved sports equipment retailers worldwide. With over 1,100 shops in 27 countries, the company seeks on a daily basis to "make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all".
    Download (PDF document, 1 MB)
  • Manchester United Football Club (UK)
    Manchester United Football Club is the most well-known football club in the World.
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  • Samsung (TH)
    Samsung Thailand is one of Thailand’s largest suppliers of consumer electronics.
    Download (PDF document, 706 kB)
  • Post Office (UK)
  • The Post Office is the UK's largest retail network and the largest financial services chain in the country with more branches than all the UK's banks and building societies put together.
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The Public Sector

  • Coventry University (UK)
    Coventry University hosts a population of around 30,000 of UK, International and EU students
    Download (PDF document, 1 MB)
  • Darlington Borough Council (UK)
    Darlington Borough Council is the local authority for the town of Darlington and the surrounding villages in North East England and serves a population of 106,000 residents.
    Download (PDF document, 612 kB)
  • Islington Borough Council (UK)
    Islington Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Islington in Greater London, England and provides services for a population of c200,000 residents.
    Download (PDF document, 406 kB)
  • City of Wolverhampton Council (UK)
    In order to reach its goals to improve the economic health of the region, the Council set to create £1.5m worth of operational efficiencies within three years, with a mission to better connect its customers to its 30 service.
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