Bridging the online and in-store customer experience

Attract new shoppers with a tailor built online customer experience and gain their loyalty. Engage them at every touch point, so even if they choose to browse elsewhere, you can build a profile with their shopping habits. Then you can attract them back with personalised offers, based on what they are looking for.

We surveyed 100 retailers and 78% agree that their organisation “needs to do more to adopt in-store technology that replicates the online customer experience”. The online journey provides the opportunity for customers to interact and engage – the same goes for the in-store experience.

Customers tend to use one channel to influence their purchase on another. They often like to research a product online, while they’re looking at it in-store, or visit the store to examine a product before they buy it online. By uniting your physical and online presence with technology, you make it easy and cohesive for the customer to carry out that entire journey – from research to purchase – with your brand.

Mobile customer experience

Customers want to research items in-store, to enjoy the online shopping experience with the added bonus of instant buying gratification. But a mobile optimised site is just the beginning. When the online and in-store experiences complement one another, shoppers can enjoy a personalised customer experience. With the addition of a store app, you can extend the services you offer further, and blend your digital and physical presence.

Allow customers to pre-book expert help online, and have services waiting for them when they arrive in-store. Let them queue digitally – eliminating the need to waste time in a physical line – and browse while they wait to keep them engaged with your brand throughout their in-store journey. Qmatic’s mobile ticket solution allows customers to queue before they’ve arrived and choose where they wait.

The click and collect customer experience

Of the 56% of retailers generating revenue from click and collect, only 32% are supported by in-store technology, such as kiosks. Typically, customers can complete their purchase easily online. So a more joined-up process is needed to utilise the available in-store technology.

If stores implement self check-in kiosks at arrival points, customers can enjoy the same quick experience as they do online. Customers like the convenience of self-checkout as it can make their shopping experience faster.

Gain customer insights, in-store

Online retail offers the advantage of a complete picture of your customers. Using the data generated by digital shoppers, brands can identify areas for improvement based on tangible insight. This knowledge can also be used in-store, to move beyond volumes and sales revenues.

Using pre-booked interactions and web analytics, the customer information you can gather offers a real insight into customer behaviour. With the information they’re ready to give you through brand apps and self check-in, you can respond to insight in real time, in-store.

Qmatic’s mobile solutions, including the Mobile Connect app, provide real-time status updates about waiting customers. They are an effective way to track customer habits and preferences.

Closing the gap

There are clear gains to be had by connecting the online and in-store experiences. A frictionless and engaging customer journey is possible using in-store technology.

Implementing this demands a focus: store design challenges, staff training needs, customer interaction trends, and more. Choose a technology that can integrate and a provider with experience to enjoy gaining new customers, greater loyalty, increased revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

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