Across every walk of life around the world, people connect to get things done

Qmatic makes those interactions better for customers, patients, citizens, employees, and the brands that care about them. From creating a virtual queuing solution to manage the lunch crowd in a small Swedish restaurant, we have become the global leader in customer journey management. Across more than 120 countries, in virtually every language and industry segment, Qmatic produces great customer experiences for more than 2 billion people every year.

We know that successful brands aren’t built piece by piece. They take into account every interaction and environment, from online to onsite. They respond to the unique needs of each and every individual they engage. They can be strengthened or damaged by the perceptions expressed by customers and employees.

Since 1981, we have combined our passion for great customer journeys with dedication to our clients and continuous innovation. We continue to break new ground with a powerful, flexible ecosystem of customer journey technologies and powerful data insights. It’s how we help organisations of all sizes across private and public sectors to build and grow superior brand loyalty and a strong bottom line.

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Customer journey management is what we do - from pre-arrival through post-service feedback, we streamline and improve every engagement point for a consistent, quality customer experience

A great customer experience begins with mapping the shape of the journey. Qmatic Customer Journey Discovery consulting reveals the impact of every touch point across your online and onsite environments. With that information in place, we identify the resources necessary for a continuous pursuit of efficiency and excellence.

We give you command over every piece of your customer journey. For organisations with on-premise needs, Qmatic Solo is a cost-efficient, highly scalable stand-alone modular system designed to handle multiple service categories and basic needs. For broadly distributed organisations, Qmatic Orchestra is an enterprise-class management platform designed for on-premise and cloud deployment. Integrated, customised modules and ecosystem connectivity allow you to elevate productivity and satisfaction among customers and employees from a central point.

Regardless of the size or structure or your operations, Qmatic customer journey management technology solutions improve operations, profits, cost efficiencies – and, most importantly, each and every interaction.

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Creating the greatest value at each engagement point in your unique environment takes precision and reliable integration between each of the parts

The Qmatic global ecosystem is composed of a host of world-class proprietary and third party solutions. Each supports a specific outcome, from online appointment management through gathering real-time post-service customer feedback. By connecting them in a centralised, integrated platform, we streamline the movement from one to the next, and elevate their functionality, purpose and value as a complete solution.


Deliver interactions that leave customers, patients, citizens, and your employees feeling fulfilled and positive about your brand

Each industry and organisation has a unique value proposition. Qmatic understands how each engagement point works in harmony to create experiences that secure brand loyalty and financial strength for organisations in the retail, healthcare, financial, and public sectors.

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Sustain the high quality of your customer experience, even as your enterprise grows and systems change

Qmatic Care ensures the efficiency and performance of your customer journey solution. It secures your investment in a properly maintained technology resource with predictable long-term costs. Our global team of specialists offers personalised support in every time zone around the world, making sure you are never without the performance you expect from the global leader in customer journey solutions.