In the age of the empowered citizen

Today’s citizen expects to see their tax translated into accessible, competent service – when and how they demand it, online or off.


Surprise and delight with a less stressful, more pleasant service experience

  • Minimise appointment anxiety by giving the customer control of online appointment management and check-in
  • Reduce actual and perceived waiting times with relevant communications via mobile, SMS and digital signage provided to entertain and inform
  • Improve service quality by matching customers with skilled employees
  • Post-service, invite customers to provide immediate feedback via thier mobile device

Improve productivity and job satisfaction

  • Maintain a relaxed environment at every touch point to help the customer move comfortably from appointment through to post-service
  • Raise employee fulfilment and happiness by keeping them informed, facilitating communication and enabling greater productivity
  • Improve resource, operations and budget efficiencies by monitoring and controlling appointment levels, matching employee capacity to volume, and setting alarms to monitor capacity management
  • Optimise space to accommodate higher volume and improved use of waiting space
  • Continuously drive improvements through real-time customer feedback, and performance data and benchmark reports

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