A great patient experience is created with controlled processes, skilled providers, personalisation, and a genuinely attentive setting

Qmatic patient journey management technology solutions enable clinics, hospitals and practices to create a seamless patient journey. Improve the speed and quality of service, fulfill employees, lower patient anxiety, and create operational efficiencies by maximising patient appointment attendance and staff resource planning.


Great patient service is a journey that begins before the exam room and endures long after

  • Reduce patient anxiety and minimise actual and perceived wait times with relevant information shared through mobile, SMS, and digital signage clearly located throughout the waiting environment
  • Integrated online, mobile and call centre appointment setting applications, and on-site patient check-in reduce wait times and improve efficiency from the first moment of engagement
  • Maintain a friendly, relaxed environment staffed by pleasant, efficient employees who are informed and fulfilled in their work
  • Ensure a consistent patient experience by employing appointment data to match each patient with a service provider whose skills are appropriate to their need
  • Streamline the movement of the patient from reception through post-care follow-up, eliminating any potential confusion or stopping points
  • At the end of the appointment, invite the patient to provide immediate feedback via a simple mobile device

Improve operational efficiencies and employee satisfaction to see more patients, spend more time providing care, and keep administration costs down

  • Raise employee satisfaction and quality of care by tapping into scheduling data to organise appointments and walk-ins, allocate resources, and match employee competencies to patient needs
  • Optimise the use of floor space with a customer journey discovery process to assess the progress from check-in through to post-care
  • Improve the working environment by raising patient satisfaction through confidentiality measures, lower actual and perceived wait times, and well-matched interactions
  • Discover ongoing process improvements based on volume and feedback data and statistical performance analysis of each environment, time period, and caregiver

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