Offer a consistently excellent customer experience across every channel

A successful customer journey is comprised of many engagement points. Each one is integral to the outcome of the experience, and all must work well on its own and in harmony with the system as a whole.

Qmatic invented customer journey management. We are committed to making sure that every point from online and mobile booking, through onsite activities and post-appointment follow-up combine to deliver a seamless customer journey. Through Orchestra, our enterprise-class management platform, tightly integrated applications, purpose engineered hardware components, and powerful business analytics work in concert to produce a complete and predictable customer journey.

Built to support even the largest, most complex organizations, Orchestra allows users to deploy and manage every piece of the interwoven system from a central point. The specific configuration of components can be customized to include a series of modules like online calendars, check-in kiosks, mobile queuing, digital signage, and business intelligence. Qmatic designs and builds highest quality, resilient hardware and software components to work together with optimal efficiency. And the entire ecosystem is protected by network break tolerance, which keeps everything working smoothly, regardless of potential network issues.

The Qmatic enterprise platform is the best way to ensure you create remarkable customer journeys and brand experiences everywhere you do business.

Get the Most out of the Journey

A great customer experience is delivered and perceived. Qmatic technology solutions give you the ability to control the delivery, measure the perception, and put it all together to work toward the most positive impression on your customers, employees, and operations.

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