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  • At 60 Madonna is still in synch with Qmatic

    Lady Gaga might disagree, but there really is only one Queen of Pop! And only one King of Customer Journey Management. Madonnas real breakthrough came with ”Like a virgin” in 1984, an amazing year in popular music (just check out this list of releases on Wikipedia). 1984 was also the year that...

  • Imagineering = Imagination + Engineering

    You can’t find any organisation that knows more about Customer Experience design than the people who invented it more than 60(!!!) years ago: Disney. When we talk about creating superior Customer Experiences it is usually something to do with trying not being totally horrible while making people...

  • 5G – stepping into the future

    From banking, setting up appointments to listening to music, shopping and finding the love of our life, today the smart phone is the central tool in our day to day lives. In a world where we take connectivity for granted, it is easy to forget that less than 20 years ago most of the capabilities,...

  • What if Qmatic handled the World Cup?

    Intelligent support can create a smoother customer journey for sportsfans, and open up new commercial potential for clubs and event producers. Going to a venue and watching live sport action is a joy for hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world. Right now the ice hockey Stanley Cup final...

  • Finnish Tax Offices are now publishing the current queueing situation on the web

    Qmatics Solution Partner in Finland, Loomis Value Solutions Oy, have assisted their long term client Finnish Tax Offices in using Orchestra to publish the queuing situation on the web. This is very helpful for citizens in order to decide when to visit the office....

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