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  • US West Coast lab chooses Qmatic to help reduce patient wait times

    The Outpatient Phlebotomy Laboratory is one out of five labs in a health network on the US West Coast. It is a high-volume outpatient blood draw clinic with approximately 250 patients coming in every day. “This contract followed a successful Qmatic installation at the one of the other labs in...

  • Qmatic Introduces the Latest Technology in Self-Service Kiosks

    Industry-Leading Intro Series Hit the Market in January 2014 DULUTH, GA, 1/29/14 Qmatic has introduced a new line of self-service kiosks that dramatically improve operational proficiency and customer experience. The fully-integrated Intro Series kiosks allow customers to choose between...

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    Industry Solutions for Queue Management Banks run more profitably when customers and employees are satisfied. Qmatic customer journey technology solutions help banks and financial institutions delight customers with personalized, efficient service. Connect mobile, online, branch, and...

  • Retail

    Managing Customer Wait Times in Retail Delight loyal customers with the products they want and the personalization they demand across every retail channel. Delivering Efficient Services From online and mobile to the in-store experience, Qmatic makes sure brands have the right tools and insights...

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important to Qmatic. This CSR Report gives an overview of Qmatic’s policies, plans and agreements in order to follow the EU Directive. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important to Qmatic. Our CSR Report gives an overview of Qmatic’s policies,...

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