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  • Service and support (UK)

    UK Support for Qmatic Systems Support queries For all support matters you can contact our team on: Phone: +44 845 123 02 10 Email: Ticket ordering To order tickets please email us at: Email:

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  • How do you set up a public service when the user is “the people”?

    If we explicitly targeted people who struggle the most, we could design something that everyone could use, says the design team at Civic tech is becoming a major industry sector of it’s own, with it’s own challenges and also it’s own set of best-practices and clever solutions. As more...

  • What if Qmatic did elections?

    Can elections be made more engaging, accessible and secure by reimagining them with digital technology? During 2018 we witnessed the dramatic elections of Italy, Russia, Finland, Mexico and Turkey. Right now, the US is in the middle of its midterm processes. This fall new government elections are...

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