Meet Marquis, Customer Engagement Representative

July 1 2022 4 min

Marquis Daly, Customer Engagement Representative on the Customer Engagement Team. 
Joined Qmatic: 2021
Office: Qmatic USA

Meet Marquis and get an insight into what a regular day in his role can look like as well as what is important in a workplace for him. 
What does a typical day for you look like?Marquis(Q)
My typical day varies widely.  Usually, my colleagues and I are the first point of contact for anyone interested in using our services and solutions. This usually results in a phone conversation but other times we may not directly contact the interested parties. We spend a lot of time meeting our clients where they are in their customer journey.

Also, I find myself more and more advising on the go-to-market strategy to keep our company heading towards our goals; placing me (among others) as the glue ensuring cross-functional synergy.

Recently, I procured promotional materials for our client-facing team members. Lastly, I am the local eyes and ears of our various marketing initiatives because of my time zone.

What is something that is important for you in the workplace?
Culture. Culture impacts everything at a company and sets the tone of its team members and how they interact internally and externally.

How did you first come across Qmatic?
I came across Qmatic on LinkedIn by happenstance and saw an open role.

What do you like most about working for Qmatic?
I can bring myself to work. I’ve heard people complain about this “new” corporate vision but it’s important. I’ve spent years in roles where I diminished myself and nothing came of it. So, I think there should be an element of you, taken everywhere.

Is there any specific event while working for Qmatic that you remember and want to share?
Sure. My first time at HQ, in Sweden. My flight from the US was delayed leading to a few reschedules and another flight delay. In short, I arrived 7+ hours after I was initially scheduled. When I arrived in the office the next morning, I was greeted with a cake regarding my traveling troubles. It was a nice welcome.

Name/describe something that makes you happy?
Pie. Pie almost always makes me happy.

What is something you are proud of?
I’m proud anytime I’ve made someone’s burden a little easier. This can happen at work or in my personal life.

Fun fact about you?
I think pineapple on pizza isn’t a big deal. Haha😊

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