Meet Eric, Sales Executive

Meet Eric, Sales Executive

Blog title: Meet Eric, Sales Executive

May 9 2022 4 min

Eric Rutherfurd, Sales Executive Healthcare 
Joined Qmatic: October 2021.
Office: Home Office, North Carolina

Meet Eric and get an insight in how a regular day in his role can look like as well as what is important in a workplace for him.  
What is your name and job title here at Qmatic?
Eric Rutherfurd and my title is Sales Executive Healthcare.

What does a typical day for you look like?ericr-employeeiterviewBecause I am solely focused on the helping new customers in the healthcare space, I spend great deal of time speaking with clinicians, managers, directors, and administrators throughout the US.  

I rely on tools like LinkedIn and Becker’s Hospital Review, among others, to monitor the pulse of the private healthcare market.  I frequently have conversations with Laboratory, Pharmacy and Patient Access managers where we share ideas about how to improve patient flow, reduce wait times, empower their staff, and improve the patient visit.

I also enjoy visiting customers at their locations to meet the team and see their workflow in action.  I view my role as role as that of a catalyst, to provide a framework for change, improve efficiencies and transform the patient experience.

What is something that is important for you in a workplace?
Open channels of communication and dialog with managers/supervisors but also coworkers across all departments. 

How did you first come across Qmatic?
Coming from a competitor, I have always been aware that Qmatic was the “Original Player” in the queueing and customer journey space. I was very happy to join a company I knew and respected.

What do you like most about working for Qmatic?
While Qmatic is clearly a mature established company, I enjoy that in my role it feels very entrepreneurial. I have an excellent leadership team and access to numerous resources but largely am permitted to follow company processes yet use my experience and processes I have used before.

Is there any specific event while working for Qmatic that you remember and want to share?
My first visit to Gothenburg and being there for the new company branding launch as well as training for the Experience Cloud platform. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the wonderful folks there and being in Sweden.

Name/describe something that makes you happy
I love spending time with my wife, daughters, and dogs. While both are grown and out of the house, when they come home each brings their own Corgi. We have a yellow Labrador and are about to get another Corgi puppy.

What is something you are proud over?
My first company, SofTrain I started in 1997 to 2008. Was a software training/consulting business and I never had more fun doing anything. I loved winning new business, helping companies improve and getting involved in my community.

Fun fact about you?
I will try anything. I am very adventurous and love new experiences. I love a thrill. I still want to try hang gliding, parachuting, and perhaps a cross Atlantic sailing trip.

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