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Queue management systems tailored to your needs

We offer solutions for any size of organization, covering basic as well as complex needs. The basics, as we see it, is primarily about making sure that customers are served in the right order. For the more complex requirements, we offer the possibility to tailor a customer journey management solution by selecting the functionality that matches your current needs.

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A selection of functionality offered by our solutions


Appointment booking

An online appointment booking helps you even out the variations in customer flow and predict staffing needs. At the same time, it puts the customer in control of when to visit, eliminating the uncertainty of possible wait time that comes with drop-in visits.


Mobile ticket

Using the mobile ticket, the visitors get the freedom to leave your premises while still keeping track of their place in the queue. You may even arrange for a text message to be sent when the customer reaches a certain place in the queue.


Reporting and analytics

In order for you to be able to optimize the customer journey in real-time and based on historical data, we also offer advanced tools for status monitoring, reporting, and analytics. By monitoring interactions you can improve customer and employee engagement.

How to improve your queue management A selection of case studies

Providing a seamless and frictionless customer experience in retail

The leading pharmacy in Sweden with over 390 pharmacies and 3400 employees offers a wide range of services such as express delivery, consultations, vaccinations, prescription renewals, and health check-ups.

With Qmatic Customer Journey Management solutions, customers can now be segmented in different queues based on their needs. On certain days when vaccinations are available, the self-service kiosk updates its interface and offers customers the option to stand in line for vaccinations only. To summarize, the pharmacy can better manage the customer flow and collect data with business intelligence. 


Pioneering service design for customer-centric banking

A South African bank with over 860 branches operates on an extremely competitive market with well-established operators. To position themselves, they implemented a new strategy aiming for personal service and accessibility.

By investing in the Qmatic Orchestra Enterprise platform, they can now manage all 860 branch offices from one central location. The solution includes; self-service kiosks, a signage system and voice calling system for customers and staff, and reports for management and staff.  The bank estimates an increased efficiency of between 20% and 25% thanks to the new system.

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Decreased wait times by 42 percent, while the number of customers increased by 22 percent.

An American Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) delivers a wide range of services - issuing driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and license plates. Their previous system experienced issues with its reporting tools, which delayed the DMV’s response to walk-in and appointment customers.

After investing in a queue management system from Qmatic, the DMV was able to track transaction data in near real-time and use the data to adjust staffing as required. The result was significant, as wait time decreased by 42 per cent while the number of customers rose by 22 percent.


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