First city hall in the Benelux using robot to provide improved customer service

Qmatic supports the first city hall in the Benelux using a robot to provide service. Last month, Elvie Pepper (as the robot is called), started her first day at work at the city hall of Leidschendam – Voorburg.

In a five-month pilot, Qmatic will work with a partner, Decos, and the city hall to find out if the robot can help to improve interactions with the customers and also taking the customer experience to the next level.

“City halls are continuously looking for technical solutions to improve the customer experience. An excellent way to do this is by personally welcoming customers with a self-service kiosk. Robots are becoming increasingly important in this process.”

“We are thrilled to be involved in this project to support the city hall in achieving their innovation ambition and we are looking forward to an excellent result “, says Renze de Ruiter, Managing Director at Qmatic Benelux.

Unique solution

The robot Elvie Pepper is manufactured by SoftBank Robotics but the partnership between Qmatic, Decos and the city hall is what’s most remarkable’, says Roeland van Oers, Project Manager at Decos. “Thanks to this partnership we have been able to offer something truly unique. Although the robot is cute, the integration between the systems is the most important: the Customer Journey Management platform Orchestra, the customer contact system of Decos and the robot Elvie Pepper. This unique integration allows the city hall to really offer her citizens a revamped and improved experience.”

At the end of the pilot it will be decided if Elvie Pepper is offered a permanent contract.

Robot standing up with a tablet