Arapahoe County Revamps the Customer Experience with Qmatic

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder in Colorado revamps the customer experience with the roll out of Qmatic’s industry-leading Customer Journey Management solution.

The cutting-edge solution from Qmatic is designed to manage the entire customer journey for the residents in Arapahoe County. The solution will help shorten wait times in the county offices and “expands and improves the ability of customers to make appointments for tasks such as driver’s license renewals and passport and marriage license services.” county officials stated.

Using Qmatic, the county identifies bottlenecks and open times at service counters. This will make it possible to provide people with better scheduling options by helping them determine when they’re most likely to be able to complete their business more quickly and letting them track this data in real time.

Business Intelligence from Qmatic also lets the county measure transaction and wait times, which enables the offices to schedule its staff more efficiently and optimize its operations. This will streamline its internal processes by evenly distributing the work among employees and better inform the county on future services and process improvements.

“We are continually looking for ways to positively impact the customer experience,” said Clerk and Recorder Joan Lopez. “These new tools help customers save time and also help our staff be leaner and more efficient. They allow people to make informed choices on when and how they interact with our office.”