Pre-Conference Q&A with Stefan Persson

We are excited about the upcoming Sales Conference, and to provide you with valuable insights into the different topics that will be covered, we decided to have a sit-down with the speakers at this year’s conference. Today we introduce, Stefan Persson SVP Worldwide Channel Sales.


Hi Stefan, what will you discuss during the sales conference?

What we want to accomplish with this sales conference is to encourage collaboration and connection. The sessions will be involving our partners in communicating and demonstrating what we have done, what we have succeeded with, highlighting challenges and opportunities. Instead of having Qmatic lead and present and be a one-way voice on stage for the direction of the company and our partner business, we want to involve our partners as an active party in the sales conference. I believe that with this approach, we’ll get closer to each other, help each other better, and grow our business together by an increased level of collaboration, connect.

What’s your thoughts on this year’s theme – Connecting?

For me, connecting is about building a closer collaboration, knowing when and where to reach out to receive help or to find solutions. Anything that can help your business grow and move forward. It’s about all the parts coming together as one. Not only Qmatic connecting to the partner, or the partner connecting to us, it’s everyone connecting to each other.

What are you looking forward to the most with the sales conference?

It’s meeting all the people! The fun part is to meet and discuss with all the people we collaborate and do business with daily. I know many of them, and with this conference I want to get to know all of them.

How do you make the most out the conference?

To get the most out of the conference, partners need to be prepared to share – not only challenges that we sit on, which everyone tends to do, but to look at the sides where there are challenges. Another important aspect is to think about the opportunities, and previous experiences that are good that partners can share with others. Ultimately, have a positive mindset.