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  • Are tech trend spotting and predictions accurate?

    It would seem the future is still very hard to predict, unevenly distributed, and generally arrives late.

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  • 2X partner of 2018

    During FY18 CFM Gulf Computer Company has moved to be one of top revenue generators in the world for Qmatic.

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  • Best Partner of 2018

    Despite a challenging business environment, Abana Enterprises Group has continued to deliver high sales levels during FY18.

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  • The future of the patient experience

    When exploring the possibilities of the hospitals of the future it is clear that some parts of the solutions are already available. In the famous words of sci-fi author Gibson; ”The future is already here, it is just unevenly distributed.”

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  • Qmatic Appoints Tommy Niklasson as new CFO

    Mölndal, Sweden, September 7, 2018 - Qmatic announced today that Tommy Niklasson is appointed as their new Chief Financial Officer. With a long background from different growth companies, Tommy Niklasson will play a central role in the Qmatic group leadership, driving the worldwide business of Qmatic.

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  • What did the world want to make in 2017?

    Access to user data removes subjective bias and makes it possible to track interests, trends, and behavior that is almost impossible to guess by applying ”common sense”.

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