What if Qmatic handled the World Cup?

Intelligent support can create a smoother customer journey for sportsfans, and open up new commercial potential for clubs and event producers.

Going to a venue and watching live sport action is a joy for hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world. Right now the ice hockey Stanley Cup final draws a lot of attention, and the FIFA World Cup football is just days away – being one of the biggest sports events on the planet.

Top sports is a billion dollar industry, but in many cases the customer experience at the arenas are not up to date. Why is it that you have to queue for hours to get tickets, and then again to get into the arena, and again to get some snacks, and even get out after the game?

The functionality in Qmatic’s Orchestra 7 platform could easily create a smoother customer journey for sportsfans. And with clever solutions like mobile ticketing and click-and-collect their are real commercial opportunities to exploit.

This idea, that clubs can use Qmatic systems and experience to their advantage is gaining ground. In fact, the highest earning footbal club in the world, Manchester United, is doing just that.