Metamer chose Qmatic Orchestra to innovate the Customer Journey

Metamer is an Italian Utility that provides energy to a wide number of clients. Their core value is to be really close to the clients and their needs.

This approach turns out in concrete actions and strategies, like the field’s offices and the latest digital transformation investments, for the youngest generations. The Metamer App and the Smart Counters are just two examples of that.

In this digital innovation journey, Metamer decided to innovate their customers relationship with Qmatic Orchestra.

Web Appointment: bridge the gap between online and offline

Clients will have the opportunity to book a web appointment. When they arrive, the system will “recognize” clients and will connect them to the right staff member and counter.

Check-in and Waiting

Clients will check-in through touch screen self kiosks, that will let customers choose the service and receive a ticket number.

Customer Satisfaction

When services ends, clients will give their feedback. Since Orchestra will manage the whole customer journey, managers will easily associate their feedbacks with other data, such as waiting time and service duration.

In this first phase of the projects, Metamer will install Orchestra in the first 5 branches, that will follow further deployments.