Making people behave

Understanding how to influence behavior is the key to effective Customer Journey Management and the smooth introduction of new innovations.

It is no small thing to set up a systematic explanation for how people work in order to make societies, governments and companies more effective and efficient. And yet this is what the System1group has made a bold effeort to do.

In their e-book ”Unlocking profitable growth” they (generously) share their many insights into the workings of evolutionary psychology and behavioral economics in a concise and entertaining way that anyone can appreciate and put to use.

While primarily about marketing, the principles and examples are clearly very useful for the design of any situation that deals with influencing behavior. Anyone who works in Customer Journey Management or deals with Customer Experience issues will find it both helpful and inspiring. Check it out

Peter Lundqvist at Qmatic wrote more on this topic a while back. You can find his blog post here.