Imagineering = Imagination + Engineering

You can’t find any organisation that knows more about Customer Experience design than the people who invented it more than 60(!!!) years ago: Disney.

When we talk about creating superior Customer Experiences it is usually something to do with trying not being totally horrible while making people wait for the service they came to get. We should all aim higher. Something along the lines of flying robots.

At Qmatic we put a lot of effort into the science part of Customer Experiences, the technological toolbox that lets organizations set up smooth and personalized flows to let people access the service or resource they need. We are, (self-flattery coming up…), actually very good at that part. And proud of it. But we also know it is only half the battle. Because there’s not only tech and science to CX, there’s also art and creativity!

Now, if you look farther afield you’ll ventually find the true masters of the craft of CX; Disney. They invented theme parks, and have been actively trying to fuse engineering with creative design efforts since the 1950’s. And it paid off. Combining Imagination and Engineering they came up with the concept of Imagineering.

Here is a presentation from one of Disneys gurus, Lou Prosperi. We found it really inspiring (and the book is great), and hope you’ll get some ideas too.