At 60 Madonna is still in synch with Qmatic

Lady Gaga might disagree, but there really is only one Queen of Pop! And only one King of Customer Journey Management.

Madonnas real breakthrough came with ”Like a virgin” in 1984, an amazing year in popular music (just check out this list of releases on Wikipedia). 1984 was also the year that Qmatic introduced the thermoprinter that in it’s own way was a gamechanger in our business and the wonderful world of better customer experiences.

As a cultural icon Madonna has stayed strong and evolved with the times to survive in the global entertainment industry. And through her career Madonna’s releases and Qmatic’s have had a curious sense of timing:

Madonna - Like a virgin
Qmatic – Thermoprinter

Madonna – True Blue
Qmatic – Statistical computer

Madonna – Like a prayer
Qmatic – PC based system

Madonna – Erotica
Qmatic – Windows based system

Madonna – Rebel heart
Qmatic – Orchestra Enterprise 6.0